How Kneease Works

With the development of modern medicine, doctors and physicians have perfected many treatments to reduce and eliminate pain. One development, first researched in the 1970's and then published in leading medical journals in 1984 [ref] was the use of vibration therapy to treat joint pain. This form of pain relief works by interrupting the pain signal to the brain by applying a specific frequency of vibration to the affected area. The frequency and amplitude of the vibrations required need to be within certain parameters and the Kneease vibration unit has been designed to produce the correct conditions for maximum relief.

[ref] Pain alleviation by vibratory stimulation T. Lundeberg, R. Nordemar and D. Ottoson, Journal of Pain, 27 February 1984

From hospital to home.

Vibration therapy has been in use in hospitals for pain relief for many years but the machines used are bulky and expensive. As technology has advanced it has become possible to develop portable units for patient use which avoid the need to visit a hospital. Kneease has been designed to give all the benefits of a hospital machine but in an easy to use package which is perfect for home use.

The kneease unit

The Kneease unit

The vibration unit is a battery powered device containing a microprocessor and transducer which transmits vibration at the precise frequency for pain relief.

Designed to fit under the patella (kneecap) so the nozzle reaches direct to the point of the pain, it is light enough to be worn during the day or night.

Airprene™ Strapping for comfort

The vibration unit is applied to the knee and held in a comfortable position with a bracing strap made from a breathable elastic neoprene (Airprene™) which allows the wearers skin to breath while moisture is released through fabric. This allows the brace to support the knee while the unit works to give pain relief without any heat buildup from the strap.

Knee pain treatment with kneease

One press of the button gives 10 minutes of treatment which can give continual pain relief for many hours. The unit is powered by two AAA batteries which last approximately one month with 3 treatments a day.

Vibration units are giving pain relief to many tens of thousands of patients around the world and are widely recommended by doctors as an alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs and injections.

Start managing your pain today.

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