Patient Stories

Below you'll find some of the patients who have used Kneease and their testimonials. If you are a Kneease user please email us with your story and we'll be pleased to feature you on the website.

Mrs J Ames, Kent

Kneease Testimonial

"Dear Ranjan Vhadra,

As a Christmas present this year, my daughter bought me "Kneease" and I must confess, I thought what a waste of money because over the years I've spent a lot on the TENS gadgets and they haven't helped at all but I cannot believe how good Kneease is.

Just had to say Thank You, keep up the good work.

PS. I am off the tablets, only a paracetamol now and again"


John Niles, aged 54.

It took approximately one month for me to notice the pain subsided significantly.

"I've used Kneease ever since it was recommended to me by my doctor. After suffering injections in my knee which didn't help at all, I didn't really know what to do.

It was great to find something that helps with the pain. I use it at night and have recommended it to quite a few of my friends."


Peter Nimin, aged 73

Kneease has been a fantastic help to my lifestyle.

"I suffer from instability and numbness of the knee. I've had the condition for a few years and until recently it was getting worse.

I use Kneease to give me pain relief and I've found I get about one hour of pain relief from each treatment. It's definitely doing me good as I'm walking better now. I even think its helping me avoid surgery"


Geoffrey Orme, aged 56

I would recommend Kneease to anyone to avoid surgery.

"As a keen golfer, I was getting progressively more pain after each game. After 18 holes it was particularly bad.

I use Kneease after playing to give me some relief from the pain and I have to say, its been great! It takes away the pain and stiffness and really helps. I don't think I'm ready for a total knee replacement yet and hopefully I can avoid it with Kneease."


Walter Carre, age 83

It helps with the pain and my knee feels much more comfortable.

"I have used this device for 3 months and I am very happy with the result. It helps with the pain and my knee feels much more comfortable. I have very severe osteoarthritis and can't walk. I am unable to have a knee operation."


Charles Cotton, age 52

I'd certainly recommend it to friends.

"Kneease is great. I've already had knee surgery in my left leg and it really helped with the pain when I was recovering from the op. I used it throughout the day and wore it under trousers. If the knee was sore then I'd push the button and get some help with the pain. I'd certainly recommend it to friends."


Joseph Crawford, age 59

the pain relief lasts for a few hours after putting it on which is fantastic.

"I am trying to avoid is a knee replacement operation and Kneease has helped a lot in delaying it as I can now get pain relief easily at home. When I use it the pain relief lasts for a few hours after putting it on which is fantastic. I've also been advised by my doctor that there is very little they can do except surgery so I'm really pleased there is finally something out there to help me. "

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