Available treatments for knee pain


Anti-inflammatory drugs - Only temporary relief

Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen are commonly used to ease pain in the knee. Drug use in general should be avoided where possible and can carry with it its own side effects and complications.

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Bracing - Ineffective

An early form of treatment now shown to be ineffective, bracing of the knee does not alleviate the pain generated in the joint. Bracing may help to give support and protection to the knee until symptoms ease.

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Steroid injections - Painful with side-effects

A painful and short term solution, steroid injections show no long term benefits and carry side effects such as fat atrophy and depigmentation around the injection site.

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Physical Therapy - Expensive and slow

Although significantly better than steroid injections, the results in tests show only a marginal improvement over no treatment at all. Treatment is also expensive and lengthy.


TENS machines - Ineffective and expensive

Proven to be less effective than shockwave therapy, TENS machines work by providing an electrical impulse to the affected area. Ineffective and difficult to use on a small area such as the knee.


Surgical Intervention - High risk, expensive and painful

Painful with a risk of complications and expensive, surgery should only be considered as a last resort. Surgery usually involves either full or partial replacement of the knee joint.

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Kneease - Proven, quick, painless & inexpensive

Kneease is the only portable device available for knee pain which can be used at home or at work in a safe and side-effect free way.

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Knee pain guide

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