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These are genuine customer feedback responses. We maintain copies of all original emails which are available to view on request. If you've purchased Kneease and would like to send us feedback on the device please do by emailing us at

I have found the unit very effective and easy to use. I am now able walk up and down steep inclines without a knee strap and without a walking stick.
I have talked to other members of my local wildlife group and archery club of the improvement in my knee who also have painful knees.
I hope the unit keeps working efficiently for along time.
ThanksDerek Chavner , Braintree Essex

Dear Sirs,

I am emailing to let you know that I have been very pleased with the results of the Kneease device I purchased from you a couple of months ago. It certainly lessened my knee pain for a few hours and whilst it didnt disappear (which I did not expect it to do), it was a lot more manageable. I have been recommending it to various friends who might purchase one of the devices for themselves. I mentioned it to my doctor who had never heard of it but says that he thought it seems to be like a tens machine but on a smaller scale made especially for the knee. He was glad that it was helping me. Using it for ten minutes, three times a day is not at all burdensome and very easy to use. I have even used it in the middle of the night if I have woken up in pain. I am trying to keep off painkillers and unfortunately, certain painkillers give me a bad reaction - Ibuprofen and Cocodamol.

Yours sincerely

Mary ClarkMary Clark

Kneease helps with my knee pain, recommended.Linda Molloy, Wareham

I have been practicing Karate for many years. I am 56 years old, and I started when I was 14. A black belt second dan grade now.I was in the dojo almost every day training hard. These days, my knees are killing me, especially the right one, my kicking leg. Arthritis suspected to be caused, but karate could have contributed.
This is what in the Martial Arts world we call 'The Collapsing Knee Syndrome.' There are not a clear way to deal with. Some people just stops using the legs, another try anti-inflammatories. When people experience pain, they usually visit a physiotherapist. Sometimes surgery is needed if the bones are twisted.
In my case, corrective exercises helped, but I was looking for something that would increase my chances of recovery and take away the pain, so I found your device.

First I have to say: it works for me.
I have been using the device twice a day; even when the pain was already gone. I can do my katas normally without knee pain at the end.

Some points:
1) The battery problem. A regular alkaline battery works just per a week - I am using now Panasonic NiMH Rechargeable Batteries. Suggestion: put a USB rechargeable lithium battery inside. Users will love it.
2) Timer: I would recommend finding a way to measure and control the usage time of the device. A mechanical or digital way, like a Kitchen Timer. Maybe even an App. It will be a lot easier for the users follow the ten mins suggested treatment time.

I hope my comments can contribute to your ongoing work.

Many thanks

JosephJoseph Remsar, London

Hello Knee ease Team,
I have just purchased one of these, and put it on whilst sitting at the computer, after
a sleep free night. I am totally surprised, that after the first 10 minutes, I have some
pain relief, and some extra movement, in a seriously arthritic knee. I declined any pain relief last week - so far , so good!
Surprised and glad I gave this a try. A little expensive but may prove worth it and non invasive.
Many thanks.

Sofia Mescall


I have two very painful knees (currently I'm between having physio and seeing a consultant for further treatment). I've tried everything, from copper insoles to food supplements, tens machines, gels, you name it and I've almost certainly tried it. I've also had cortisone injections, and probably most prescription painkillers, none of which work unless - I imagine - I take vast quantities of them, which I'm not prepared to do.

I bought a Kneeease, and very soon after bought another one for the other knee, plus rechargeable batteries. This is the only device which has ever had any effect on the pain. It doesn't last long, but it has taken the edge off the pain if only temporarily, and for that I am very grateful. If I have been sitting watching television for several hours, to then stand up the pain would be excruciating - if I use the Kneeease first it is only very painful. Believe me, this is such a benefit. If only I could use one continuously!

I am so glad I bought these.

Best wishes,Val Kerton, Barry

I was very pleasantly surprised that my knee pain was dramatically reduced with the first application. I'm of a cynical bent, but have to say this has done me a power of good.David Antram, Kalamata, Greece

Hi, I suffer bad osteoarthritis in both knees, I'm 57 and a PE teacher. I had been advised to take a big dose of ibuprofen and did so for 4 months until I had to stop as they gave me gastritis. So I was very concerned that the pain and lack of movement would return. I found out about kneease so I decided to give it a try as I don't like taking any form of medication. It has been marvellous and my pain is under control, so I can ride my bike and play golf. My prognosis is to have knee replacements but I don't want them yet, especially at only 57. So I know the kneease can not make my arthritis better but it can ease my symptoms so I can put of major surgery for a few years. So I'm delighted to have found kneease and would highly recommend it.

AndreeAndree Williams, Frome

Hi team

Thank you for your email over the festive season and I apologise for the delay in replying.

I have been extremely impressed with the devise and am now pain free - even when walking.

Previously I bought a Tenease for a tennis elbow and once again it was amazing in it's ability to deal with the pain and I was back gardening within a few weeks.

My only question would be - do you have one for necks????

Thank you in anticipation.

Kind regards
Gill Smith, Forfar

I purchased the device for my mother who is 85 and has some degeneration in her knee.
It is really working for her, and she is delighted with the Kneease. Laura Pomeroy

The Kneease that I ordered was a present for a friend, a 73 year old builder, still working. He uses it twice in the evenings, and says that it has helped to reduce the pain, along with Glucosamine. I hope that this is helpful to you.
Yours sincerely,
Philip Partridge.
Philip Partridge

My right knee requires a knee replacement, which was offered to me back in early 2014, i am 53 and feel its too early for me to have this as they don't last that long, so i have been eating foods that reduce inflammation which helps, but your device also seems to help just hope i'm using it properly?

Certainly makes a difference for me.Dave Roberts, Watford

Very pleased with Kneease... works wellWilliam Nash, Caterham

I am pleased to inform kneease was used and found good in alleviating knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It was used In combination with cream flexiseq for the condition and results noted are good. Wasim Athar, West Molesey

Very good product, does what it says.Simon McThornton

Easy to use and proved beneficialMartin McKay

The purchase was made for my mother who is 91 and suffers with a knee problem. She is using it successfully and is so far pleased with the results and is seeing her consultant tomorrow to give feedback on what she has been doing as she was against taking any strong drugs. Margaret Duggan

I have used the kneease after exercise such as tennis and found that it does help with pain. I will continue to use it and consider it to be a valuable tool to help me.Jack Vincent

"I found your product very helpful"Julia Traynor, Manchester

I can't live without my Kneease, first one purchased November 2012 and immediately it helped my knees which had been very painful and made walking and getting on and off our boat difficult. That first one lasted a year and since then I have bought two more to make sure I always have one beside me and now I use them simultaneously every morning before I get up. I have now been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so perhaps the knee pain was the prelude to the condition. I am able to belong to a Nordic Walking Group and enjoy a weekly walk which I know I would not have been able to prior to my use of Kneease, also I cycle and swim regularly.

I have recommended them to numerous family, friends & acquaintances over the years and I am just so thankful that I saw the advertisement in WI Life and then went on to check the reviews via the internet and then spent the money!

Thanks for the Kneease.Carol Littlewood

I use the Knease vibrator every morning and the arthritis in my knee has certainly not got any worse over the past two, three or four years. I have to admit that I put this down to my regular use of the Knease device.Karin Thorogood

"What a fantasic product.After trying everything I could (and spending a lot of money) I came across your Kneease on the net and sent off for it. Within two weeks of three times a day using it I felt such a diference, hardly any pain when lifting (even a cup) anything, and had my first game of golf in over three months. Many many thanks."Finlay Matheson, Melrose Scottish Borders

I have no complaint whatsoever about the effectiveness of this product. In fact the results in using it after only two weeks have been astonishing to say the least. This is an incredible product.Lloyd Dwyer, Park Hill, Croydon

I must tell you that I only bought the product because of your 'money-back' guarantee but after the first two or three applications, I knew that it wouldn't be going back. The best part about it is that I was on the point of going to have an arthroscopy on my right knee and now I know I can put it off - hopefully for ever. At the beginning, I carefully identified all the more painful points around my knees and gave them treatments every day for about 5 days and then I noticed that my knees were beginning to feel less painful overall. I reduced the frequency of treatment without the pain returning and now only have to use it when I find that a painful point returns. Now all I have to hope is that you could produce a similar device for my shoulder joints.

I am normally sceptical about so-called home medical treatments but in the case of my age related knee cartilage problems, the device 'does exactly what it says on the box'.

It works!A. P. Harris B.Sc Ph.D D.I.C.

As a Christmas present this year, my daughter bought me 'Kneease' and I must confess, I thought what a waste of money because over the years I've spent a lot on the TENS gadgets and they haven't helped at all but I cannot believe how good Kneease is. Just had to say Thank You, keep up the good work. PS. I am off the tablets, only a paracetamol now and again.Mrs Ames

I've suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee for nearly ten years and I know that eventually I will have to have a knee replacement. My osteoarthritis is not serious enough yet and my doctors has advised long term pain killers which I am not happy taking. I bought Kneease in the hope that I could get some pain relief because of the pain and I love it! I'm not sure what I would do without my Kneease now.Mrs K Stearman

Even at the age of 68 I still play competitive table tennis at a good level. In 2010 I felt a sharp pain in the left side of my left knee whilst playing. The pain restricted my movement enormously to the extent that I thought I might have to give playing up for good. After seeing my GP and a physiotherapist I was referred to an intermediate consultant who did not recommend seeing a surgeon as he considered the problem to be a degraded nerve. I then tried acupuncture which gave some short term pain relief but was not the answer I was looking for to continue playing.

I then saw an advert for Kneease and it has proved wonderful in that I use it just before a match and it gives pain relief for about 4 hours. If I require its use more regularly (very rare), I run it during the match before a game. My movement is far less restricted and my brain is not waiting for that old sharp pain to occur. Brilliant!!John Paul


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