Using your Kneease device


Step 1 - Remove the battery insulation tab and replace the battery cap

Screw the battery cap on firmly. Pressing the on/off button should activate the device.

knee with kneease

Step 2 - Secure the unit onto the end of the velcro strap

The small velcro tab should secure the device and stop it sliding up and down the knee strap. The knee strap itself is velcro, soft edged and stretchy to fit all sizes of knee.

kneease device

Step 3 - With the device secured, turn over and place on the knee.

The vibration nozzle should sit under the patella (kneecap) on the point of the pain. This can be either side of the knee on the joint line of the kneecap.

freedom to move

Step 4 - Wrap the strap around the knee

The Kneease unit activates on the press of a button direct to the source of the pain. The device is painless to use and side effect free.

It is important to continue to use your Kneease on a daily basis for up to six weeks for the best results. Most users experience significant benefits within a number of weeks of starting treatment.

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Knee pain guide

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A 10 page, illustrated guide to causes of knee pain to help you understand the condition.

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