Frequently Asked Questions

Who's the company behind Kneease

Medical Technology Ltd, one of the UK's largest healthcare device manufacturers. MTL's head office is in Guernsey with fulfillment operations in Southampton and the Netherlands.

Is Kneease guaranteed to remove all pain in my joint?

No. Kneease has been shown to help manage knee pain but its effectiveness is dependent on the patient and can vary. Users report significant benefits between two and four weeks of use but sometimes immediately. Read our customer feedback here for examples.

What do I do if it doesn't work for me?

Simple, every order comes with a pre-addressed label for returns so you can easily post it to us for a refund. We operate a full money back guarantee for all orders.

Can I use Kneease anywhere?

The device is light, portable and safe to use while working, playing sports or other activities. Many users carry their Kneease in their handbag or to work and use the device when they experience pain.

How does Kneease compare with TENS

TENS, or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is an option for pain relief but it is not always effective. It is also difficult to apply correctly to the knee, requires gel, pads and stops the user from being mobile when applied.

Can I use Kneease with other treatments?

Yes. You can safely combine Kneease with any other treatment. Kneease is safe and side effect free and does not inhibit the effectiveness of any other treatment. A 1984 study in the Journal of Pain showed that combining other modalities (methods of therapy) with vibration therapy meant greater overall pain relief.

Is Kneease usable for other areas of the body?

No. Kneease is specifically designed to help manage pain of the knee joint.

How long do the batteries last?

With normal use of three courses of treatment every day, the supplied battery should work for around 1 month. When the battery is at the end of its life the device will still work for a period of time but may be inconsistent in frequency.

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What our users say...

"Kneease helps with the pain. I´ve recommended it to many of my friends. "

"John Niles, arthritis sufferer"

"I've found I get about one hour of pain relief from each treatment.."

"Peter Nimin"

"It takes away the pain and stiffness and really helps. "

"Geoffrey Orme"